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Mountain Dreaming 2018 – Theater Residency & Learning Journey to Nepal

May 11, 2018 - May 17, 2018

Dates: 11-17, May, 2018

Location: Kakani International Training Centre, Nepal

Facilitated by Uri Noy Meir and Gopal Aryal

“Mountain Dreaming” – Theater Residency & Learning Journey program integrates the art of theater, dragon dreaming (www.dragondreaming.org), theory U, spirituality and the nature. It is a week long group and individual process of finding inner self and discovering ‘others in Me’ and ‘Me in others’. The program provides tools that can be used for group and individual activities which is useful at personal, professional growth and problem solving and healing. Bringing together organizations and individuals using art, theater and creative participatory approaches and invites a generative dialogue on our shared challenges while seeking social change through personal transformation.

Image Theatre is a physical representation of thoughts and ideas through the human body. The participants explore issues and social challenges by using nonverbal communication and sculpting their own and other participants’ bodies into static physical images that can portray anything concrete or abstract, such as a feeling, issue, or moment. Spectators are asked to observe these images and reflect on what they witness.

During this workshop we will use our bodies and mind to develop new ways to communicate and to explore the universality of physical language. By removing words and by using the body — Image is an art form that is highly accessible and can be practiced by a wide population.

Anyone interested in using theatre as a tool for debate, social change with communities, Healing, discovering oneself; theatre practitioners, social activists, teachers, community workers, youth works.
No experience necessary.

1. Uri Noy Meir (Italy)
Uri is a facilitator of creative processes that integrates Theatre of the Oppressed, Dragon Dreaming and Theory U. He is led by an interest in creating spaces of co creation, joyful being, and liberation. Spaces in which to realize our collective dream to a regenerate the earth, the community and the self.
Uri was born in Israel/Palestine where his life story has led him on a path of seeking healing the divides between people and places.
He trained with renowned Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) practitioners such as Chen Alon, Barbara Santos, and Sanjoy Ganguly. And workef to offer theatre training across the world with workshops and residences in Nepal, India, Estonia, Spain, Senegal, France, Italy.

2. Gopal Aryal (Nepal):
Gopal Aryal is an actor, director and community forum theatre practitioner, using theatre as tool for children, youth and women empowerment and social transformation in Nepal since 2007. Gopal is a true devotee of the theatre and true artist. He loves theatre, and has a unique capacity for transmitting that love to others. Gopal has conducted over hundred theatre workshops for youth, women and children and has directed many social theatre performances during his working period. Gopal’s works in the field of psychosocial healing and community integration in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake and in Italy for earthquake survivers and in Alaska, USA are also remarkable. Gopal is now on a journey to stablish an International hub/center for social theatre practitioners in Nepal.

From 11th May to 17th May 2018.

Kakani, Nuwakot District of Nepal.

Why in Nepal?

Nepal is a holy place of Hundu’s Gods, spiritual practitioners and pioneers of many other religions. The land of Himalayas. The top of the world with beautiful mountains, people and cultures. It has over hundred ethnic communities, languages and cultures. The energy, spirit and the vibe it serves is unique and holy.

Program Fee:
For international Participants: 10 Participants Maxmimum
Program fee: $350
Food and accommodation: $150 (During the workshop only)
(The flight, insurance and other logisticts will be the participant’s own responsibilities)

For Nepali Participants: 15 Participants maximum
Program Fee: Free
Food and accomodation: NPR 12,000/- (During workshop only)
(Travel to Kathmandu and other logistics will be participant’s own responsibilities)

#last date of Application submission: 1st March 2018.
The application will be accepted in ‘first come first priority’ basis.
There are no scholarship available.
For more information please write to icstnepal1@gmail.com or urinoymeir@gmail.com


May 11, 2018
May 17, 2018