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Learning Journey to Senegal

December 20, 2018 - January 5, 2019


Hosted and facilitated by URI NOY MEIR, JAKUB HLOUSEK, and DIOL MAMADOU


write to Jakub Hlousek – WhatsApp: +420702852810 – senegal.journey@gmail.com

A JOURNEY into the earth, into Africa, where we find the roots of the story of humanity, which lives inside all of us. A deep exploration of the historical and actual undercurrents of global migration, to bring greater compassion and understanding. 

AN INVITATION to go beyond the story of victimization, blame, and guilt in order to feel, embody and enact a shared future. An expedition that is both outer as inner, and in which the path of the researcher, artist, and activist can meet.

IT IS AN EXPERIENCE of inter-actions and co-creation in which we raise our awareness of collective trauma and practically acquire tools of change. We are not a travel agency – and don’t deliver a touristic package – we encourage self-responsibility and offer our guidance, network of connections and facilitation during your stay.


Social Presencing Theatre as a way to observe deeply, through the body, a complex system, and access the wisdom of every moment and every movement. 

Theatre of the Oppressed as an opportunity and invitation to liberate ourselves, through the act of artistic creation.  

Dragon Dreaming with its vision of win-win-win, in which we can all dream, plan, act and celebrate, a new story, of love in action.  

Ecstatic Dance Evolution to bring us to the state of joy from which we can focus our visions and be the change we want to see.  


Lodging > We will sleep simple African style. Don’t expect European comfort. If you have special needs – can be arranged.

Food > We will eat local African food – which mainly is meat/fish based. We can also cook for ourselves according to group needs.

Payment > For international participants the cost is in a sliding scale of  / 500 euro budget / 700 euro normal 900 euro patron and is for covering trainers tuition fee and travel costs. Price doesn’t contain transport and a plane ticket, to Dakar and insurance. We are proud members of the ecological cryptocurrency Fair-coin and accept it as payment. In general, we are interested in new forms of economy and we are open to listening to alternative proposals. For local participation the workshop would be free.  

Any surplus generated by this event will go to support an emerging permaculture and community arts project in the region.



My research and practice brings me to believe that play and artistic creation could support personal and collective healing of historical wounds, or at the very least initiate or symbolize a beginning of such a process.

I follow the dance of the moment, which brings me to extraordinary places, to people from which I can acquire tools of change. Tools, of questioning and understanding, which I love to share.

I believe that everyone comes from elsewhere. We all are connected to history, even if not all know. Theatre is the one way, that I believe, can drive us, to be more connected. And find our way into the future.


*The journey is done in preparation of the “The Door of Return” event, a participatory art residency leading to a site-specific immersive performance of Senegalese and international artists on Gorée Island, the “slaves’ island”. In this place that symbolizes the roots of colonization, slavery, and still much conflict today, we intend to give birth to an emerging narrative of global civilizational renewal.


December 20, 2018
January 5