Europe 2009 Tour


 These are some of the venues for 2009 tour.


Saturday, February 28 and Sunday March 1 2009


HAMBURG (Germany)

Tuesday, March 3′ 2009
From 5.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Performance of “Nightwind” and Theater Workshop

Organized by: “IKM” (Institute for conflict resolution and mediation)

“PBI” (Peace Brigades International)

and “Brot & Rosen”

Wednesday, March 4:
Performance and Workshop with students and teachers
Venue to be announced.

 From March 7 and March 8 I will be in Rotterdam at 

FORMAAT Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

For more details:

From March 9 to March 11

Theater Workshops at International School Hilversum (The Netherlands) 
More details to come.
From March 15 to March 22 I will be in Marburg at
For early details please contact Tim at:
From March 22 to march 27
I will be in Ireland
Venues to be announced



(More detailed information will be available at a later time)