Colombia Peace Project

Dear Friends,

Imaginaction will join the Colombia Peace project and Witness for Peace on this action. Please read the letter below for more information on the project and details on how to participate.


Dear Friends, Each year in April, a number of national human rights organizations  sponsor a series of events referred to as the Days of Prayer and  Action for Colombia. This year the actions revolve around the issue  of Colombia’s displaced. Colombia has the second highest number of  internally displaced persons in the world, after Sudan.

Forty displaced persons in Colombia have made their portraits  available for this project. The idea is for people in the United  States to write letters to President Obama on papers containing one  of those portraits. There are various ways of doing this. In some  cases, the photo takes up most of the page and people write above,  below, and around the photo or paste it on a larger sheet of paper.

The portraits and letters will then be displayed at various events  around the country. Then they will all be sent to Washington DC for  a large display. After that they will be presented to somebody in  the Obama administration.

Attached is one of the portraits to this message. It is a picture of Enrique Petro. We met him in our delegation to the Curvarado region last July and expect to meet him again this July. Perhaps more than anyone else, he led the effort of displaced persons in that region to return and establish a foothold by creating humanitarian zones. Please print out the page with his picture: LINK Then write your own short letter to President Obama.

Here are some points that can be made:

. End the aerial fumigation of fields in Colombia.

. Do not promote the so-called free-trade agreement with Colombia.

. End U.S. military involvement in Colombia. This means ending the  military aid and reversing the policy of establishing a U.S. presence  in Colombian military bases.

. Support reform and strengthening of Colombia’s judiciary.

. Support the return of land to the small farmers from whom it has  been stolen.

. Provide Colombian courts and families of victims with access to  paramilitary death squad leaders who have been extradited to the U.S. on narcotics  charges. This issue is important to our Colombian friends.  Paramilitary leaders who demobilized were beginning to confess their human rights atrocities, implicate others, and tell where victims were buried. Then many of them were extradited to the U.S. and much of the truth-telling ended.

Please send your letters with the pictures to:

Tanya Cole

Witness for Peace Southwest Regional Organizer

10432 Amigo Avenue Northridge, CA 91320

Please try to send your pictures and letters to arrive before April 18. On that day there will be a couple actions in the Los Angeles  area using displays of the pictures and letters.

For more information, pictures, and additional action look at the  Witness for Peace web site,

And consider joining our July 5-15 delegation to Colombia.

Best wishes,

Patrick Bonner