“Beyond the charts, between the lines”. July 2-5, Amsterdam. Project of Newspaper theater by Uri Noy-Meir and Marianne Flotron

2-5 July – Amsterdam – “Beyond the charts, between the lines”
Project of Newspaper theater on the theme of economy news turned into video art
A cooperation of ImaginAction and TheAlbero artist-facilitator Uri Noy Meir and video artist Marianne Flotron
The artist Marianne Flotron is setting up a four-day workshop with the participation of journalists, economy experts and actors. During the workshop, participants and the artist will analyze economy news and scientific papers with help of different techniques of the Newspaper Theater. The Newspaper Theater was invented by Augusto Boal in the 1960’s in Brazil with aim to allow new ways of reading and understanding of the news presented by the media. The techniques enable to create an alternative and more layered understanding of texts through staged actions and transformations of words into images. This reveals hidden meanings of accepted conventions and enables participants to question them.
The workshop will be led by Uri Noy Meir an experienced Newspaper Theater facilitator that have facilitated similar workshop across the globe. The participation in the workshop requires no acting skills. Each participant will contribute with his/her specific knowledge or experience. The workshop will be set in Amsterdam from the 2nd to the 5th of july 2013. The process will be documented and parts of it will be shown in autumn 2013 at the art festival “Steirischer Herbst” in Graz.
If you are interested to participate and want to know more, please contact Marianne as soon as possible:
Marianne Flotron
phone: 06-18425657