Uri Noy Meir

Uri Noy Meir is a facilitator, trainer and researcher  based in central Italy. Uri  is practicing and researching Social Presencing Theatre and is a trainer of Dragon Dreaming and Theatre of the Oppressed. he interested in ways in which we could as humanity heal and shed the old story of “power over” win-lose paradigm and let come a new story, a shared story of “power with”, love in action, our highest future possibility.

He is interested in facilitating and motivating spaces of co-creation, joyful being, and liberation. Spaces in which we realize our dreams and regenerate the earth, the community, and the self. And opportunities to weave a process of self-healing with the path of the artist, the researcher, and the activist.

He is the co-founder of the artistic collective Thealbero. And offers his services through training, workshops and mentoring in Italy and other parts of the globe.

Email: urinoymeir@gmail.com

Skype: uri.nm

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