Ilaria Olimpico

Ilaria Olimpico

Peace Education, Social Arts, Facilitation

Ilaria Olimpico studied International and Diplomatic Sciences at University Orientale in Naples (Italy), with research in Arab-Islamic world. She chose to leave the field of international cooperation and chose to work combining Peace Education and  Social Arts. 

She uses theater and storytelling as tools for awareness, social research, conflict transformation,  salutogenesis.

She collaborated as an intercultural trainer/facilitator with NGO and associations, as an educator in public schools in suburbs mostly with teenagers, as social arts facilitator for art-ivist groups. During the last years, she worked as a facilitator of multi-stakeholders groups in projects with Asylum Seekers in Region Umbria in Italy.

She is co-founder of TheAlbero Artistic Collective, member of the International Organizing Commettee of PPLG.

Ilaria writes stories on thealbero.wordpress and on

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