Ilaria Olimpico

I am an Intercultural Trainer, Participatory Theatre Facilitator and Storyteller

I was born in Nola (Naples, Italy) in 1981. I have a BA in International and Diplomatic Sciences at University Orientale in Naples, with research in Arab-Islamic world. I left the field of international cooperation finding new paths in social and personal change through theatre and storytelling, keeping a passion in Human Geography.

Since 2008, I lead workshops of non formal education with teenagers and children, in and out schools, using participative arts as tools of education (in the original meaning of educere: to bring forth”), integrating different languages (visual, theatre, storytelling, writing) to let different talents and bits of intelligence emerge, confronting issues about peace/nonviolent conflict transformation, sustainability/ecology, interculture/equal opportunities.

I lead seminar and workshops in intercultural relations, integrating the theatre and storytelling tools with the thoughts of M. Cohen Emerique, E. Said, F. Fanon, and M. Sclavi.

I lead a series of workshops-circle of women, in which women share the challenge and find empowerment, through theatre and storytelling.
In 2012, I co-created the Artistic Collective TheAlbero with Uri Noy Meir, weaving participative arts, non-formal education, facilitation of groups and community building.
In 2017, my research about female and intercultural issues brought me to perform “Fatima!” a short theatre piece dedicated to Fatima Mernissi.
In my work, I constantly research the power of telling and symbolizing our own stories as a space-time of learning, awareness, and re-connection with the others. I write stories on the blog and on the website
I consider Hector Aristizabal as one of my most important mentors and joining ImaginAction is for me an opportunity to deepen my personal search, furthermore, it is an opportunity to collaborate with talented artists and facilitators in a dimension of exchange, personal growth, collective questioning, care, and creativity.<


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