The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma Part 2: The Conspiracy of Silence

“When survivors first arrived,” said psychiatrist Andrei Novac, himself the child of Holocaust survivors, “they didn’t want to talk about it. When they did want to talk, therapists didn’t want to listen.” At the February symposium on Inheriting Genocide and the intergenerational transmission of trauma, he called this the Conspiracy of Silence. The conspiracy certainly […]

The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma – Part 1

Diane Leffer’s account of the Inheriting Genocide symposium will be published on the ImaginAction website in five parts every month. In 2015, Hector and I produced Second Chances, a play inspired by Theater of Witness techniques. Torture survivors portrayed themselves and their own stories onstage alongside family members of survivors—spouse, children—who had also been affected […]

Lifeboats – A theatre game

Lifeboats Type Activation You need Nothing Duration 10 min.   The participants fill the space in silence, walking quickly. The joker says “Lifeboats of 4,” and the participants must form groups of four, interlacing their arms and excluding those who exceed the number four or searching for new people when they are too few. Then […]

Dialogos de Memoria y Reconciliacion

  Héctor Aristizábal estará participando en estos diálogos de memoria y reconciliación en la Ciudad de Cúcuta, Colombia con la presentación de su obra “Viento Nocturno” el Viernes 17 de Noviembre y la realización de un taller de teatro para la reconciliación con diferentes grupos de la región el Jueves 16 de Noviembre. Agradecemos la […]

10-16.9.2017 – “7Th International Gathering on Rights of Passage in the Wilderness“ Munich

“International Gathering on Rights of Passage in the Wilderness“ Hector Aristizabal will be participating in the: “International Gathering on Rights of Passage in the Wilderness“ that will take place from Sunday,September 10th to  Saturday, September  16th in Koenigsdorf in Bavaria in Southern Germany near Munich.   Dear international community, We, the ‘German-speaking network of visionquest-guides […]

13-15.10.2017 – Shamanic Healing and Ritual Theater Genova Italy

Shamanic Healing and Ritual Theater Genova Italy We invite you to join us in a path of introspection and discovery  throughout the course of a three day work. During this period we will attend two Sacred Ceremonies with medicinal plants lead by Francesco Tesini in collaboration with Carolina Burini and three days of processing and […]

1-3.9.2017 – Ritual Theater and Community Healing Oslo Norway

As our world is becoming increasingly turbulent, this workshop invites us to look into our own experiences and awaken the wisdom in our individual and collective psyche. In this changing world we can ground ourselves by connecting to the messages available in our own life and to awaken what has been called the inner genius […]

29.9-1.10.2017 – Aplicaciones Terapéuticas del Teatro del Oprimido en Cantabria

Con mucho entusiasmo hacemos el lanzamiento de esta ilusionante propuesta, que estamos organizando desde el Centro de Psicología Althea, en colaboración con Espacio Espiral, Espacio Raíces, y Escena Miriñaque. Ofrecemos la posibilidad de hacer un taller en Cantabria con Héctor Aristizabal, para que las personas interesadas tengan la oportunidad de conocerle, disfrutar su trabajo y […]

El Teatro Ritual como acción transformadora Chile Julio 5 al 8

EL TEATRO RITUAL COMO ACCIÓN TRANSFORMADORA Personal – Relacional – SocialCon Héctor Aristizabal de 5 al 8 de julio de 2017 Centro Mana Chicureo (Santiago de Chile) En este taller exploraremos el manantial infinito de nuestra imaginación y nuestros sueños individuales y colectivos. Para despertar lo que ha sido llamado el genio interior, el […]