3day Laboratory in Graz-Austria, Herbst Academy-October 2013

Hector Aristizábal will be participating in

Herbst Academy 2013

October, 7-8-9, 2013

Workshop 4:
Theatre of the oppressed and radical transformation
From desire into action
07/10 – 09/10
English language
Hector Aristizábal (CO)
Collective imagination has been captured most recently by the Idle No More movement in Canada, the Occupy movement in the US, the Indignados movement in Spain and the many expressions of the Arab spring. In our three day exploration the workshop will examine what role can theatre play in times of social and political upheaval? Hector Aristizábal, theatremaker, psychologist and activist against torture, has founded the ImaginAction network in Los Angeles in order to utilise the transformational forces of theatre for community building and in processes of self-empowerment. Against the background of the Theatre of the
Oppressed developed by Augusto Boal in the 1960s, Aristizábal will join the workshop participants to develop scenes from concrete life experiences, looking for ways to connect individual modes of acting with the global movements for radical political change. The interactive approach of the workshop emphasises aesthetic dialogues, non-verbal imagery, consensus-building and collective problem solving processes, as well as techniques for developing awareness and confronting both external and internalised forms of oppression.


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Each workshop is limited to 10 participants, which are chosen by the workshop hosts.
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